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On the off chance that a piece arrives on a spot involved by a piece from your very own group, the pieces can travel together as one on the following turn. The tossing stick mixes decide what number of spots are moved each turn, and the group which moves every one of the four pieces around the board first successes.

Ssireum (씨름)

Ssireum is an extremely well known 부스타빗 in Korea. This sort of wrestling is played in a sandy ring where two candidates, both enormous men, have a belt moved around their abdomen and legs. They each attempt to get the adversary’s belt utilizing their quality and system to thump down their opponent. The first to contact the floor with his knees or whole body is the washout.

Tuho (투호)

Korea.net Honorary Reporters play tuho during their visit to Tongyeong. (Korea.net DB)A well known conventional game between imperial relatives began in old China and can be seen on period-piece Korean TV dramas. The reason for the game is to point and hurl a bolt or stick into a limited quiver or slim wooden container from a specific separation.

Players attempt to get their bolt into the quiver however many occasions as could be expected under the circumstances. This game is regularly played around Seollal Lunar New Year’s Day and the Chuseok Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival. The game is exceptionally simple to play and doesn’t require any mind boggling hardware, only a straightforward quiver and some elastic tipped bolts.

Neolttwigi (널뛰기)

This game is a type of teeter-totter, where a moved up straw tangle under a long board, called a neol, is set with the goal that every player can remain toward one side. One of the individuals hops, propelling the other player into the air.

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