Radio Controlled Boats – What You Need to Know Before Buying

When you first get started in the exciting hobby of radio controlled boats, you’ll have to make several decisions: Where are you going to run your boat? How much can you invest in your new hobby? What type of boat should you get? And will you be assembling the boat yourself or get a ready-to-run boat kit?

First you will need to make sure you have to right place to run your new boat available. Do you have a body of water that is near you and is very calm and free of weeds? If that is the case you are off to a great start as this is the ultimate environment for radio controlled boats.

There are three major types of radio controlled boats. They are based on the way you fuel your boat to provide power. A very popular type, and certainly the easiest to get started with is the electric radio controlled boat, as you can just start their batteries in a wall charger for several hours and you are ready to go. Electric rc boats are not as powerful as the other two types of rc boats, and once there batteries are drained, you either need to replace the battery pack or wait several hours to recharge the original pack.

The second type, which is often popular with intermediate rc boat hobbyists is the nitro-powered rc boat. These boats are fueled with a nitro-methane mix and provide the boat with a lot of power. However, this type of fuel is also the most expensive. Unlike electric-powered rc boats, you can quickly and easily refuel and be back in the race again. boat things

And the third and last type of radio controlled boats is the gasoline-powered rc boat. These are the most powerful and fast rc boats on the market. They don’t really run of just gasoline like you would put in your car, but rather a perfect mix of gasoline and oil. Gasoline radio controlled boats are the top of the line, being the fastest and most powerful, but also most expensive and loudest models on the market. The start-up cost of a gasoline rc boat is higher than a nitro rc boat, but over the lifetime of the boat, the gasoline’s lower cost compared to nitro make more than up for the initial investment.

Whichever boat you pick, an electric rc boat, a nitro rc boat, or a high-end gasoline rc boat, you want to be aware of how maneuverable the boat is. A single hull with a deep v-shape will give you the best handling with minimum impact on speed.

If you are limited by your budget or the size of the water available to run your boat, you might be best off to start out with an electric rc boat. While not as powerful as gasoline and nitro rc boats, there are some upscale electric rc boats on the market today that can reach speeds as high as 40mph.

An electric rc boat might also be the best solution if you have to run your boat in or near a residential neighborhood where nitro and gasoline rc boats would be way too loud and might even get you banned. Electric rc boats are very quiet and will not disturb the peace.


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