Workplace Safety in the Boat Cleaning and Detailing Business

Workplace safety is paramount for your small business, no matter what industry you are in, even if you are in a mundane, uneventful type of business. Let’s take a case study of a Boat Cleaning business and consider some of the issues in this sector. This will be a good thought process for your own business regardless of what sector you operate in.

It is important that we talk about safety equipment and if you’ve been around the marina or boating sector long enough, you obviously know why. Well, it’s no difference whether you are out for a pleasure cruise or out working at the marina, you must be heads-up. Life preservers, flotation devices, extra fenders are obviously a must, without question.

Now then, I’d also like to discuss goggles when using mechanical restoration air-tools, and breathing masks when using chemicals, color sanding, or high-speed buffers. And you’d be surprised how much dust and air-particulate can be created with merely an orbital buffing machine, thus in that case a flimsy paper breathing mask should suffice, along with clear plastic eye wear, nothing too complicated is needed, but be wise, play it safe. collectors flotation

You should also train you team on what to do to¬† fish someone out of the water. Believe me anyone who has ever been in this business has fallen in to the drink and inadvertently done the accidental “Nestle Plunge” and it is usually something to laugh about later, but it not funny when it happens, especially when the water is cold, so this is nothing to joke about. Have a plan in advance, and train your team to move fast and accurately. Trust me on this, someday you’ll be glad you read this, listened, and followed up on my suggestions.

So, why not go down to Wal-Mart, the Local Marina Boat Store, and Shop around online and buy the safety gear you need to keep yourself and your team from eye injury, lung damage, hypothermia, getting crushed, or drowning. These are necessary costs, and they are legitimately deductable and business expenses.

You see, “Safety First” should not be buzz-words, and just because you do everything by the approved method does not mean it’s automatically safe. It may or may not be. You must always step back and take a look at what you are doing and why. And ask yourself are my procedures safe, and do I have the right safety gear in place to prevent work accidents. Please consider all this.


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